Seminar for young scientists

We gladly invite you to participate in seminars addressed exclusively to Ph.D. students of the Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN and the Institute’s employees who do not have habilitation yet.

One of the main goals of this series of meetings is the mutual improvement of presentation skills. Therefore, the form of seminars strongly focuses on discussions and conversations between young scientists in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Such talks can help in the preparation of a Ph.D. defense or conference speech. Not only that, because it is equally important to get to know each other’s interests and passions, as well as to talk about problems and difficulties in conducting research.

The seminar chairmen are Michał Krupiński (NZ34) and Paweł Błasiak (NZ44). Contact them if you have any questions, suggestions concerning the organizational matter, or you want to submit a request for presentations or speakers. We also invite you to submit your presentation.

The framework for the talks is as follows:

– the topic of the presentation should refer to own research studies or scientific reflections
– the topic should be presented in a way that is understandable to physicists in general, not only specialists in a given field
– time: max. 40 minutes of presentation + 20 minutes of discussion (with the possibility of extension if needed)
– the speaker chooses the language of the seminar (Polish or English)
– after the seminar, each speaker will receive substantive and technical feedback from the audience, collected in the form of an anonymous questionnaire

To appreciate the effort put into giving the presentation, each talk will be scored in the Ph.D. students’ annual reports and staff evaluation.

Due to the pandemic, seminars are currently held remotely. We meet every two weeks on Mondays at 4 p.m CET. After the vacations, we plan to return to traditional meetings at IFJ PAN.

The list of past seminars:

1. Magnetic and magnetotransport properties of metal – metal oxide – metal junctions
Juliusz Chojenka (31.05.2021)

2. Can nuclear physics explain effectiveness of proton therapy?
Leszek Grzanka (14.06.2021)

3. Quark-Gluon-Plasma and its mysteries
Rajeev Singh (28.06.2021)