Kraków Academic Salon

This event is organized in Polish.

The Krakow Academic Salon is an event addressed to Ph.D. students of Krakow universities, which is organized by the Agreement of Ph.D. Students of Krakow Universities (PDUK). It is organized periodically in the form of a competition for the presentation of the month, during which you can

  • tell about your scientific passion
  • find out whether your research attempts are understandable and interesting for other Ph.D. students
  • hear questions and feedback from invited guests, which may help in your scientific development
  • broaden your knowledge in many fields
  • meet Ph.D. students from other universities in Krakow
  • have a chance to win 500 PLN for the purchase of scientific literature

We’d like to invite you to the next meetings, which take place one Wednesday a month at 18:00 CET on the MS Teams channel. If you are interested in making a 10-minute presentation, please fill out the registration form.

The date of the next Krakow Academic Salon and links can be found on the PDUK Facebook page. We will also remind you about it by email.