Seminarium dla młodych naukowców (10.06.2021)

Dear Colleagues,

We kindly invite you to participate in the upcoming seminar for young scientists that will be held on Monday 14 Jun 2021 at 16:00 via Zoom. The presentation entitled Can nuclear physics explain effectiveness of proton therapy?  will be given by Leszek Grzanka. The presentation will be delivered in English.

Seminar for young scientists (31.05.2021)

We gladly invite you to participate in seminars addressed exclusively to Ph.D. students of the Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN and the Institute’s employees who do not have habilitation yet.

One of the main goals of this series of meetings is the mutual improvement of presentation skills. Therefore, the form of seminars strongly focuses on discussions and conversations between young scientists in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Such talks can help in the preparation of a Ph.D. defense or conference speech. Not only that, because it is equally important to get to know each other’s interests and passions, as well as to talk about problems and difficulties in conducting research.

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IFJ PAN Open Day for students – June 18, 2021 (19.05.2021)

Plakat Dnia Otwartego IFJ PAN dla studentów 2021

We are happy to invite you to the Open Day for students, which will be held on June 18, 2021 from 11:00 to 14:00 CET. You will have a chance to participate in virtual visits to our laboratories, listen to presentations about research studies in our Institute, talk to our staff, learn about offers of student internships, as well as bachelor and master theses. You will also learn how you can become our doctoral student.

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Job fair for doctoral students (26.04.2021)

Work&Science Forum event pictureOn behalf of the National Representation of PhD Students (KRD), we would like to invite you to become an Ambassador of the Work&Science Forum job fair for PhD students. We are looking for publicly recognizable young scientists, popularizers of science, doctoral students active in social media to take on the role of Work & Science Forum Ambassadors.

The aim of the Work & Science Forum is to raise awareness and educate about the opportunities for development and employment in the private sector, signalize the lack of effective collaboration between the academic sector and R&D companies in Poland, identify possible development paths, and emphasize the importance of implementation doctorates and the involvement of the companies in the current model of doctoral education.

If you are ready to cooperate with us, please contact us! We also encourage you to follow the event on the website, as well as via Facebook: the event page and the event itself.

PhD realization satisfaction survey (26.04.2021)

We kindly invite you to the 10-minute questionnaire prepared by the team of the Representative of the KRD for PAS. The survey is completely anonymous and concerns topics related to our previous experience in pursuing a doctorate, as well as health and plans for the future.

In order to ensure full access for all doctoral students, as well as methodological correctness, it is only in English. Its results will be presented to the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
The more people fill it, the more our voice will be heard!

As a thank you, there is a possibility to get a gift for interested in that participants 🙂

Link to the survey:

Election of the RSDI President and Revisory Officer (14.04.2021)

Today was the first meeting of the Institute’s Doctoral Student Council (RSDI), during which the RSDI President and Revisory Officer were elected. By unanimous decision of the delegates, Wiktoria Stańczyk from the Institute of Nuclear Physics PAS has been elected the President of RSDI, whereas Amelia Zięba from the Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science PAS has been elected the Revisory Officer.

Congratulations to both PhD students!

Election meeting (11.03.2021)

Due to the introduction of a new text of the Regulations of the Doctoral Student Council of the IFJ PAN for all participants of the International PhD Studies (MSD) and Krakow School of Interdisciplinary PhD Studies (KISD), we are obliged to conduct elections to the Doctoral Student Council of the Institute of Nuclear Physics PAS among doctoral students in the physical sciences.

Therefore, we would like to invite PhD students of the IFJ PAN to a remote election meeting of the council delegates, which we plan to conduct on March 15, 2021 (Monday) via the Zoom platform, at 6 p.m. In the case of an insufficient number of voters in the first round, we plan to conduct a second-round election 15 minutes after the announcement of the results of the first round, in order to minimize the time required for the election.

We will provide details and a link to the meeting via email.

Website creation (10.03.2021)

The Institute of Nuclear Physics PAS Doctoral Student Council website was created to inform doctoral students about current news and events, provide access to important materials and documents, and facilitate contact with the Institute of Nuclear Physics PAS Doctoral Student Council.

We hope that the website will achieve its goal and become a valuable source of information regarding doctoral school and doctoral studies.